Shiraz is a city of poetry with famous poets.Hafez is eminent poet of worldwide fame.Goethe the

genius of modern German literature greatly admired Hafez,and regarded himself as student of Hafez.

Hafez(that means the memorizer of holy Quran)goes back to 14 century A.D ,the one who became the most famous poet in Iran,in 1477 A.D around 64 years After Hafez demise,a dome was set up over Hafez’s grave .there was also a large pool that its water came from the Rokni water .


In 1810 AD ,Karim Khan-e-Zand build a resplendent edifice beside the tomb of Hafez which embraced a hall with four high monolithic pillars and a large garden .

A marble stone was placed on Hafez’s grave and it is still existing today .Tow poems of Hafez with the calligraphy of Haj Aghasi Beyg-e Afshar are inscribed on it.the following beautiful verses from Hafez have been carved on his tomb stone:

Where is the news of union with you that I will give up my life.

I am a bird from paradise and will arise to

Become free from the traps of the world.

I by your love swear if you call me to be your slave ,I shall give up the mastery of life and the world.

Oh lord,let the rain fall from your guiding clouds before I arise and ,like dust,vanish from sight.

Bring happiness and the lute to me when you come to my grave then ,delighted to see thee,I shall rise dancingly from the grave .

Though I am old ,hold me tightly one night and ,in the morning ,I shall rise with the flush of youth on my cheek.

On the day of my death ,give me a minute’s time to set eyes on thee,

Then ,from the world and life ,I will be set free.

During the last 160 years ,various restorations and repairs have been carried out by benevolent people.utilizing patterns and elements from the zand era

The french architect Andre Godard designed the existing building .the plan was put into operation with efforts expended by Ali Asghar Hekmat in 1936 AD .

This place has been the Qibla of the mystics and the pilgrimage place of the lovers from different parts of the world.