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Fars province ,due to it’s unique historical and cultural background is known as cradle of Iran culture and civilization.

The province recorded 2821 monuments on the national Heritage list,Fars province ranks first in the country in terms of having cultural and historical monuments.

The existence of UNESCO world Heritage sites such as:Pasargadae,Persepolis(date back to Achaemenid era),Eram garden,and historical cities of Anshan and Malian(date back to Elamite era),as well as historical cities of Istakhr,Bishapour,Goor,Sarmashhad,Darabgerd.,and more than 30 sassanian bas relief indicate the historical importance of this province.

The existence of two prominent poet by the name of Hafez and Saddi,having many beautiful mosques,holy shrine of Shah-e-Charagh and some other holy shrines lead to Fars special position among other provinces ,That is why shiraz

The capital of Fars province regarded as third religious city in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Having more than 400 unique natural places in which 84 of them are presented as top tourism spot, introduce Fars province as one of the most important investment opportunities in Islamic Republic of Iran.

In addition to all above information ,having 117 handicrafts field out of 244 common field in Iran with presence of 385000 handicrafts artisan shows high potential of Fars province in realm of handicrafts.

Inly work artisan of fars province introduce this art to all part of Iran and the rest of the world,moreover,authentic nomads art and hand-woven nomadic art can not be found elsewhere in the world.

Fars Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts &Tourism Organization has always tried to stepforward to identify,protect and introduce historical,natural and religious attractions in order to accomplish it’s mission.