Afifabad Garden(Golshan)

Afifabad (Golshan ) Garden

Golshan garden , known as Afifabad garden ,was bulit by mirza mohammad Ali khan Qavam al-molk in 1863.

This best -planned historcial garden is located to the west of shiraz. it houses a beautiful two-story edifice following a combination of Achaemenid and Qajar architecture. During the

saffavid peroid ,it was used as the seat of the king

.Afifabad garden with an area of about 127000sq.m is one of the largest and best – plamed historical in shiraz.the entrance to the compound is north wing.on the outside of the building ,the handsome splendid stone carvings on the dados.these carving portray military men of different historical epochs in the style of persepolis bas-reliefs the building also features a superb gallery ,lavishly adorned with colorful plaster panels in relif


these depict scenes in the pseudo – Achaemenid and sasanid fashin,the ground floor of the structure accommodates a central hall and an inpressive array of smaller side chambers.they are decorated with abundant tileworks, stucco moldings and graceful moqarnas.

The upper floor of the builiding recreates the original appearance of the mansion.

In the front of building is the scene depicts coronation of one of the sasanid kings. In this scene, the king is receiving the investiture from a mobed


There are 30 chambers in the two-story building .the garden is planted with great taste ,and is especially notable for aged cypresses and pine trees .beautiful stone pools ,mirroring the



building in their still water, add to the irresistible beauty of the compound. In 1963 ,the garden was bought by Army,which made some essential amendments to the area


The garden was transformed in to a military museum in 1988.