Fars province has various kinds of traditional foods as follows:


Dopiazeh Aloo




(potato, fried onion, tomato, spice & oil)

How to cook:

۱. chop the poached potatoes & blend them with tomato, fried onion & spice

۲. fry it in the oil an fire

۳. minced meat canbe used in it as well



۲-Kalam Polo (cabbages cooked rice)

in gridiants:

(۴ cups of turnip cabbages – cleaned herbs (terkhon, drillweed, sweet basil, leek)

۳۰۰ gr. groun meat)

۱/۲ killo onion

۳۰۰ gr. chick pea flour

salt turmeric oil (as needed)

How to cook:

Mix meat with grated onion, chickpea flour and a little salt and turmoric. This mixture should not be sticky. Then make balls from the dough. These balls should be fried. Peel, cut and cook the cabbages with a little water, then put them on a strainer. after that the cabbages should be fried with a little lemon juice. Pour the rice in boiling water and add some turmoric. when the rice gets soft enough pour them on a strainer and add cabbages and herbs. Finally pour the rice in a dinner poil (pot) and add the mixture of oil and water. steam it for an hour then add the balls to it. steam for a second time, until it gets ready to serve.


۳-Sabzi Koofteh (balls of meat with greens)


۱/۲ killo ground lamb

chopped and fried onion

۳۰۰ gr, chick pea

۱ killo (or five cups) rice

salt, peper, turmeric (good size)

۱ kille herbs (parsely, dillweed, leek, terkhon)

How to cook:

First soak the chick peas in water then mix the meat with sautet onion and chick peas, seperate one cup of rice and ground the remaining of the meat with some herbs, mix all the articles, add peper, salt, sautate onion, and raisins, boil water with some herbs, powder of chick peas, salt and turmeric. seperate a little part of the mixed material and spread it on your palm, put some raisins and fried onion in the middle of it, and make it like a ball, when the watter gets thick then pour the balls into it at the end, add 1 cup of rice and oil to the water, thicken it out on the stove, after all, now serve it.


۴-Vegetable Stew (Khorosht-e-Sabzi)


۱/۲ kilo meat

۱ kilo vegetables ( cordinder, leek, spinach, porseley) potato, onion, curcuma & salt (to taste)

How to cook:

۱. fry meat with chopped onion

۲. add curcuma

۳. cut the vegetables & add them to the pan of meat

۴. add beans & water & let them cook

۵. when the emat & beams get cooked add potato & lime juice & let it get heated. That’s it!


۵-pomegranate pottage for five people (Ash-e-Anar)


۱ ball beet root

۱ ۱/۲ kilo rice

۱/۲ kilo minad meat

۱/۲ cup split peas

pomegranate, driet mint & onion (to taste)

How to cook:

۱. cook the grated beetroot

۲. shape the pounded meat to small balls

۳. add rice, dried mint, fried onion & small balls of pounded meat to beat root on fire

۴. when the rice cooked, add pomegranate juice & let it cook fully

۵. when the pottage gets thick, cover it with fried mint & onion. That’s it!


۶-vegetable pottage (Ash-e-Sabzi)


۱ kilo fat meat

۴۰۰ gram beans

۴ cups rice

۲۰۰ gram tarragon & leek

۸۰۰ gram bean & lentil

spice (to taste)

How to cook:

۱. cook the meat & cereals sperately

۲. cook the soaked rice so that it gets soft

۳. mash a little bit of the peas & beans & add them to the rice

۴. add spice & other minced vegetables & the rest of cereals

۵. mash the meat & add it to the pottage

۶. add onion & oil to the loottage on fire

۷. cover it with fried onion & peppers. That’s it!


۷-Sugar Rice (Shekar Polo)


۱ kilo rice

۱ kilo sugar

oil, saffron, nuts & pistachio

How to cook:

۱. soak the rice in water

۲. add curcuma & let it boil on fire

۳. boil sugar with 2 cups of water so that it turns to a syrup

۴. add atea spoon saffron to syrup

۵. add two table spoons oil to it

۶. when the rice gets steamed, pour it into astrainer & pour the syrup on it & let them mix fully

۷. pour the rice into the pot & let it get cooked fully

۸. atend, cover it with nuts, pistachio & tangerine peels. That’s it!





onion, oil, yoghurt,k egg, fenugreek, driedmint & spice (salt, curcuma & pepper) to taste

How to cook:

۱. fry onion peels in oil

۲. when the colour changes to gold, add curcuma & stir them fully

۳. fry it swifty, so that the vegetebles want burn

۴. add some water & salt to it & let it boil

۵. If you wish, add gees or mix eggs with yoghurt & pour it into Abpiazak


۹-Shami (cutlet)


۱ kilo fat meat

۱ kilo peas flour

۱ egg

onion & spice (salts peppers & curcuma) to taote

How to cook:

۱. crate the onion on the minced meat

۲. add spice, egg & peas flour to it

۳. whisk them fully to become as a leaven

۴. put pan with oil an fire

۵. take some pieces out of the leaven & fry them in the hot oil

۶. If you wish, you con put all the pieces together in the pan

۷. add some tomato & lemon juice to it. That’s it.


۱۰-Koofte Hooloo (balls of meat and vegetables)


۱ killo ground meat (as lean as possible)

۱/۲ killo chick pea flour

۱/۲ killo carrots

۲ eggs


۲ large onions

dricd mint (as you wish)

turmeric (good size)


salt, sugar, lemon juice (as you wish)

How to cook:

Mix ground meat with chick pea flour, eggs, grated onions, turmeric and salt with each other keep grinding, chopped and frigr the onions then add some dricd mint. leave small pieces of hte mixture and spread everly on your palm the put some sauteid onion and raisins inside of it. make smallballs. boil some water wiht shreded carrots, turmeric, dricd mint and oil. add the balls to the water. If you want you can also add 2 spoonfull of dry rice and cook it.


۱۱-Yakni Adas Kalam (gravy of lentil and cabboges)


۱/۲ killo lamb (it’s better to be greassy)


۱/۲ cleaned lentile

dried lemon (from Amman)

۳ turnip cabbages


How to cook:

First peel and slice the cabbages place the meat, layer of lentil and cabbages on the bottom of the pot add sautead onion, curcuma, salt and water put it on a stove and let it be cooked, before it gets well done piercc some dried lemon and add it to hte mixture, when the food gets cooked, put the brauth (juice) away and squeeze the dried lemon on it, mash the remaining part which is lamb, lentil and cabbage.


۱۲-Peas Gravy (Yakhni Nokhod)


۱/۲ kilo meat

۲. cups peas

۲ medium – sized potato, onion, spice

How to cook:

۱. put meat, peas, onion & spice on fire

۲. add water & let it cook on fire

۳. wash potatoes & drop them into the gravy

۴. when it get cooked, remove the water

۵. peel potatoes & pound all t he material. That’s it!





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