Hafez poem s in English

Hafiz’s life.


Sometime between the years 1310-1325 A.D. or 712-727 A.H.
The most probable date is either 1320, or 1325 A.D.


Shiraz, in South-central Iran


Shamseddin Mohammad

Hafiz or Hafez (a title given to those who had memorized the Koran by heart. It is claimed that Hafiz had done this in fourteen different ways).

Full Title:

KhajehShamseddin Mohammad Hafiz-s Shirazi



Important Events

He had memorized the Koran by listening to his father’s recitations.

Early twenties to early thirties:

Became a poet of the court of Abu Ishak. Gained much fame and influence in Shiraz. This was the phase of “Spiritual Romanticism” in his poetry


Age 33

MubarizMuzaffar captured Shiraz, and among his various deeds, he ousted Hafiz from his position of teacher of Koranic studies at the college. At this time he wrote protest poems.

Age 38

Shah Shuja re-instated Hafiz as a teacher at the college. He began his phase of subtle spirituality in his poetry.

Age 48

Hafiz fled Shiraz for his safety, and went into self-imposed exile in Isfahan. His poems mainly talk of his longing for Shiraz, for Shakh-e Nabat, and for his spiritual Master, Attar (not the famous Farid-uddin Attar of Neishabour – who predates Hafiz by a couple of centuries – but the lesser known Attar of Shiraz).

Age 52

By invitation of Shah Shuja, he ended his exile and returned to Shiraz. He was re-instated to his post at the College.

Age 60

Longing to be united with his Creator, he began a forty day and night vigil by sitting in a circle that he had drawn himself.

On the morn of the fortieth day of his vigil, which was also on the fortieth anniversary of meeting his Master Attar, he went to his Master, he attained Cosmic Consciousness or God-Realization.


In this phase, up to the age of 69 when he died, he composed more than half of his ghazals., and continued to teach his small circle of disciples. His poetry at this time, talk with the authority of a Master who is united with God.



Some 500 ghazals, 42 Rubaiyees, and a few Ghaseedeh’s, composed over a period of 50 years. Hafiz only composed when he was divinely inspired, and therefore he averaged only about 10 Ghazals per year. His focus was to write poetry worthy of the Beloved.

Compiler of Divan

Hafiz did not compile his poetry. Mohammad Golandaam, who also wrote a preface to his compilation, completed it in 813 A.H or 1410 A.D, some 21-22 years after Hafiz’s death.



Late 1388 or early 1389 A.D. or 791 A.H. at the age of 69.




in Musalla Gardens, along the banks of Ruknabad river in Shiraz, which is referred to as Hafezieh

To this day, Hafiz’s Divan (Poetry) is utilized as an Oracle to give guidance to our questions, and direction to realize our wishes.

After His Death

What others say about Hafiz:

Goethe: In his poetry Hafiz has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly … Hafiz has no peer!

Emerson: Hafiz defies you to show him or put him in a condition inopportune or ignoble … He fears nothing. He sees too far; he sees throughout; such is the only man I wish to see or be.

Edward Fitzgerald: The best musician of Words.

Gertrude Bell: It is as if his mental eye; endowed with wonderful acuteness of vision, had penetrated into those provinces of thought which we of a later age were destined to inhabit{mospagebreak}

Hafez: Lovers! Be greedy!

My heart and I agree, I shall feast;

No good can be achieved by a deceitful priest!

If all this world unties, holding me in disdain,

I choose the path of love, doing what Gods ordain!

Lovers! Be greedy, for the Almighty’s- Promised  Pardon!

He’ll absolves all your sins, lodges you in His- Heavenly Garden!

Hafez : Oblivious, You Stand!

Oblivious you stand, walk the way till you know!

never crossing the fence– how can you lead the flow?

Be a true seeker; give up the rusty self, brave and bold!

Slide down behind– the alchemy of love and turn into gold!


گر به باده مشکین دلم کشد شاید

که بوی خیر ز زهد ریا نمی‌آید

جهانیان همه گر منع من کنند از عشق

من آن کنم که خداوندگار فرماید

طمع ز فیض کرامت مبر که خلق کریم

گنه ببخشد و بر عاشقان ببخشاید

ای بی‌خبربکوش که صاحب خبرشوی

تاراهرونباشی کی راهبرشوی

دست ازمس وجودچومردان ره بشوی

تاکیمیای عشق بیابی وزرشوی


Like a candle, in your love I’m loyal to the end and connoisseurs know!

Like a candle all nights, with errands and vigils, I stand and glow!

All days and all nights, the slumber never comes to my sorrow-filled eyes–

For like a candle, I live shedding tear on the ailment of our broken ties!

Hafez : Fear not the thorns!

My Soul, in the lane of love, why don’t you stroll again?

Your heart strives lonesome; your days all end in vain!

The mallet of fate is in your hand why don’t you hit the ball?

The eagle of fortune in flight above, the shots are yours to call!

This ruby blood that floods and waves in your heart–

shall earn you the beloved, don’t let her depart!

I am afraid you will never breathe in- the charm of the rose–

if the fear of the thorns keeps you from reaching too close!

دروفای عشق تومشهورخوبانم چوشمع

شب نشین کوی سربازانورندانم چوشمع

روزوشب خوابم نمی‌آیدبه چشم غم پرست

بس که دربیماری هجرتوگریانم چوشمع

ای دل! به کوی عشق گذاری نمی‌کنی

اسباب جمعداری وکاری نمی‌کنی

چوگانِ حکم درکف وگویی نمی‌زنی

بازِظفربه دست وشکاری نمی‌کنی

این خون که موج می‌زنداندرجگرتورا

درکاررنگ وبوی نگارین می‌کنی

ترسم کزاین چمن نبری آستین گل

کزگلش ن تحمل خاری نمی‌کنی