Health Tourism

Iran is like a paradise for health tourism among neighboring states, in view of the abundance of facilities and presence of specialists.

Iran is one of the most attractive countries in terms of climatic, natural and cultural potentials .

During the recent years, the need to universal healthcare has been increased drastically. At least 1.3 billion persons lack access to the most essential healthcare in the world. Iran Health Tourism is an expanding concept created to respond to the needs of people to the medical care and calmness in the region. It is invented to provide the treatment for the most common illnesses including those related to the children, women and parturition, tooth care, heart surgery and organ transplantation in the world specially the Middle East. In this regard, Iran is a suitable destination for its unique technologies and infrastructures in the Middle East .

Providing the latest medical treatment plan.

Treating by the best and most professional doctors.

Possessing the equipment’s and facilities with the highest quality.

Performing the best and most advanced surgeries.

Directing patients in the arrival time and during the treatment in Iran.

Benefitting the recreational, natural, pilgrimage and historical attractions during the medical stay

Enjoying the Iranians’ hospitality and good-temperedness as a sign of peace and security for all people of the world.

Benefitting Health Tours in forms of hydrotherapy, massage therapy, mud therapy and visiting Health Towns.