Qavam Orangery

Qavam Orangery is one of the Qajar’s monuments which is located in shiraz ,Balakaft district and at the end of the lotfaali khan street.The mansion was originally built by mohammad Alikhan Qavam al-molk the construction of Orangery took almost ten years between 1875-1884 and was completed later this construction is built in an area about 3500sqm ,on two sides ,North and south.


tered via an anteroom with a splendid groined ceiling ,the complex of Narenegstan is arranged around a well-tended courtyard planted with citrus trees .


its principal building stands at the back to the court ,and is fronted by an ornamental pool ,the building served mainly formal and central portico, flanked an array of halls and rooms on both sides .Elevated above the court level and supported by two slender,round columns, it is ascended by wide stone staircases.

On the outside ,the dados of the portico are decorated with stone freizes,carved in imitation of persepolis’s bas – reliefs .Inside, the portico dazzles the viewer with sparkling mirror mosaics and large mirrors ,interrupted at intervals by painted pictures. the rooms on the right and left ends of the upper floor are reached by separate staircases , and are divided by the portico ,witch is two- stories high .


one of the rooms on the right features a hansome wooden ceiling adorned with floral motifs. The balcony on the left, enclosed by wooden railing, affords the visitor a view of a ground – floor hall which is otherwise closed to the public .this hall is adorned with inlaid doors and stained glass mosaic windows ,and has some pieces of old furniture on display .the basement of the building which it was used as prison in the past ,houses the Narengestan museum.

The interior facade of the main entrance is adorned with a scence in glazed tiles ,showing the court attendants of the zand period .the paintings of great portico’s ceiling and many of the rooms are performed by Lotfalikhan Soratgar, the famous miniaturist of that time.

The short corridors ,decorated with tile work and stucco moldings end in staircases leading to the upper story of the building. The remarkable artworks ,used in this building,are seven arts of Iran including: moldings,traditional painting,mirror decorating ,brickwork , stone carving ,tile setting ,wood carving.

Qavam Orangery was registered in the historical traces, list in 1974.