Nomads of Fars

Qashqai Tribe




Qashqai tribe is the largest nomadic society in Iran with a population of more than 2 millions who

migrate or reside in 5 provinces in the south of Iran.

The maximum distance between summer highland pastures and winter pastures which is from Isfahan province to Busherhr and persian Gulf coast is about 900(Km).

Qashqai people had important role in the history of Iran.

The Qashqai has a long history in Iran and although it is not more than 800 years that they have moved to Iran,the trace of their presence observed centuries before the arrival of the Aryans.

The Qashqai were originally Oghuz Turks.The Turkmen,Turks of Anatolia and Azerbaijani people have been derived from this group.


Traditional and local clothes are still common among villagers and nomads. Their traditional costumes are sewn and worn in so many of Fars’s villages with its traditional form.
In fact Fars’s costumes have the most beautiful cultural attractions throughout Iran. The reputation of the costume of Qashqai’s men and women has gone so far and today it is considered as one of the most important cultural attractions of this nation.
The costume of nomadic people is an example of these traditional costumes of Fars’s people. Nomadic women’s costumes include Kolahak( a type of hat), Arkhaleq, Tonban ( a type of trouser), Papoosh( shoes or socks), headscarf, dress, and skirt. There are mostly in vibrant and various colors inspired by nature.  Nomadic men’s costumes also include hat, shirt, Arkhaleq, waist shawl, Chaghe and Kapank.



The Qashqai of Fars province are made up 5 of big tribes including the Darreh-Shuri,Kashkuli,Amaleh,Sheshbluki and Farsimadan.At the head of each clan a Sheriff who is selected by the leader of sub-tribes is responsible for tribal affairs and discipline.Each clan consists of some Families and the leader of these families(Kadkhoda) is the administrator of the affairs and is selected by the sheriff.Each family is made up of some Bonku including several households who are administrated by a person called Rishsephid.(white-bearded).

The Qashqai are brave, warrior and artist and they are skillful in horseback riding and shooting.Artist women of Qashqai tribe weave Carpet,Kilim and Jajim so that the Qashqai carpet has earned a worldwide reputation.

The clothing of Qashqai people is one of the most beautiful dresses of nomadic tribes of Iran.

you can get a taste of nomad life on a day trip from Shiraz or stay with them and eat their delicious hand-made yoghurt in the hill above Bavanat.