Paloodeh Shirazi


One thing that you should not miss out in shiraz is Faludeh (delicious shirazi local cuisine)you can go on foot around Arge-e-Karim Khan(Karim Khan citadel) and eat delicious Shirazi Paloodeh.

“Paloodeh Shirazi

۳.۵ oz (100 g) Rice Noodles

۱ Cup Sugar

۱/۴ Cup Rose Water

۱ Cup Water

۱ Lime


۱- Boil 2-3 Cups Water.



۱- Mix a cup of sugar and a cup of water in a pot and stir thoroughly until well mixed.

۲- Heat the pot and keep stirring until boiled.

۳- Turn off the stove and let the mixture cool down.

۴- Add the rose water to the pot, stir well, then put the mixture in the freezer until frozen.

۵- Put the rice noodles in a pot, add boiling water until it covers the noodles completely and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or until tender.

۶- Drain the noodles in a colander and rinse with cold water.

۷- Take the frozen mixture out of the freezer and add it to the drained noodles and stir.

۸- Keep the mixture in the freezer until served.

۹- Squeeze a fresh lime (and more rose water, if preferred)into a cup of paloodeh when served.