Saadi is the famous Iranian poet,writer,and philosopher who was born and demise in the 13th century A.D in shiraz

,the cultural capital of Iran the city of literature and art and the city of beauty and hospitality you feel happy and fresh when you stroll in it’s beautiful gardens and while visiting it’s great historical monuments which are built in different era,you feel as if you have traveled to the past and in it’s holy attractions,in addition to The holiness,there are exquisite mirror works,tile works and other beautiful arts that are specific to islamic architecture ,when you visit tombs of famous persian poets ,like Saadi,and contemplate their poems you get lost in an atmosphere full of sprituality.

Saadi traveled a lot and visited many part of the world .his most famous works are Golestan and Bostan .His mausoleum lies in the north- east of Shiraz with the area of 10000 square meters where he lived, the construction of this mausoleum ended in 1952A.D the area of the building is 261 square meters.there is turquoise-blue dome on the building .

The mausoleum of shoorideh ,another shirazi contemporary poet ,is located in this area too.there is also another attraction in this area which called fish pond(Howze-Mahi)which is supplied by the water of a fountain known as Cheshma saadi(spring)

,saadi’s works and specially golestan have inspired poets after him.His real name was Abo Mohammad Moshref Al-din Mosleh Ebne-Abdola ,due to the kindness and assistance of Abi Bekr Abne Saadebne zangi the king of the fars province he named himself Saadi.