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Desert Tourism

The culture and history of desert dwellers are an important part of Iran’s history.

The presence of many historical attractions in deserts is a proof of the long-term culture of desert dwelling in Iran.

Desert dwellers are hard workers and content, as they have reconciled with desert problems such as water shortage for years.

A huge part of Iran comprises deserts.

Consequently, in recent years, desert tours have attracted many Iranians and foreigners.

Iranian deserts are suitable spots for Tourists and draw those interested in desert trekking, camel riding or star gazing.

Desert nights are cold and visitors should have a sleeping bag. Some tours include residing in camps.

Desert attractions include safari tours, star gazing and desert tours.

Over 300,000 square kilometers of Iran constitute deserts, which shows the country’s high potential in desert ecotourism.

Sand therapy, desert hiking, motorcycle and car rallies, desert skiing and camel riding are other attractive features of desert tourism.

So, arid and desert lands boast numerous tourism potentials.

There are diverse flora and fauna such as reptiles in deserts.

Deserts are also good for promoting health tourism. Deserts and forests, in lights of their silence, could sooth the soul and help remove mental problems.

However, apart from its beauties, desert is a pretty harsh environment.

those who visit deserts should have an experienced leader familiar with the region’s geographical features, including routes, hills, mountains and salt lakes.

They should also be acquainted with the stars and their situation in various seasons.

The desert leader should also have knowledge about desert animals, reptiles and insects.