Valkil Mosque


Vakil Mosque which is one of the most beautiful Mosques that has ever been made in Iran is located in the east side of pavilion and nearby Vakil bath.This Mosque dates back to 1773 A.D with the area of 8660 square meters,for construction of this rigid Mosque first they penetrated the ground in order to reach to the water then they filled it up by stone,soil,and lime after that the huge building of this Mosque founded on the sustainable foundation.In order to describe the constancy of the Mosque we can say that it hasn’t been destroyed after two large earthquakes and it has totally preserved.

The courtyard of the Mosque contain sixty square meters length with two northern and southern Porch.The northern porch decorated with two short hexagon minarets is the entry of the courtyard and the other one is the entry of the nave(Shabestan).

The walls of the courtyard had been decorated with the magnificent tile-work.

With regard to it’s design,the role of scheme and coloring and also to draw attention to the portrayal of Birds it is totally distinct from other period of architecture in Iran.

The Quranic verses in different kind of calligraphy by using of white color in Azure field had been used on the entrance and rim inscriptions of porches which has regarded as unique style of Zand period.

In the middle of the courtyard there is a large rectangular shape pool which had been made by large polished stone.The nature of initial pool has not been changed after years .

In the Peter Loty itinerary of toward Esfehan vakil Mosque is introduced as:Today ,fortunately I managed to get into the Vakil Mosque surely if I stayed there for a while I would have a chance to enter all of the places which was completely forbidden to enter,people of this city are very kind and gentle to me.

The architectural lines and patterns of the Mosque are simple and immaculate but, all the places are enameled and green and red color can also be seen so the extreme luxury level had been followed .Therefore each part of the walls can not be found without accurate enamel.At the moment I am in the azure and turquoise colored palace.

The southern nave barrel-shaped ceiling has 75 meters lenght with 36 meters wide which raised on the 48 integrated spiral stone columns in four rows of twelve columnar.The simple stone altar decorated with seven colored tiles is located in the middle of nave which goes back to 1865 A.D.

Next to the altar there is fourteen stairs pulpit which had been made by one piece of marble stone that appointed to the name of fourteen innocents.

This marble stone had been taken more than two hundred years ago from Maragheh which is located in western Azerbaijan.It’s integrated cutting considered as masterpieces of the Zand era.